The Happy Giraffe is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit focused on budgeting education. This whole idea started long ago when we (Nigel and Laura Bloomfield) were in college and failing horribly at budgeting. After trying out a lot of different things we eventually came up with a budget that worked for us. It was a tremendous blessing in our own lives to finally have our finances under control.

Eventually we realized that the method we came up with was drastically different from anything other people were using. Ours was easier and much less confusing. In order to help, we felt like we should write a book about what we had discovered. Self-help budgeting books are usually boring, so we came up with something different. We decided to have a giraffe tell our story. Now you can read all about our story and the method in our book, The Happy Giraffe Budget!

Our next question was how do we get this out to the world? We saw others charging crazy fees to teach their methods (that aren’t very helpful anyway). We didn’t like that at all. It feels wrong to take money from someone who is trying to learn how to handle their money! This should really be free for anyone to learn about. That’s when we had the idea to create the nonprofit.

So here we are! A funny sounding nonprofit, trying to make budgeting a happier experience. We hope it is helpful for you! 

The Happy Giraffe Budget rear book cover. Bloomfield family


We aren’t finance gurus, or marketing people, or YouTube finfluencers. We are just regular people who happened upon a very unique way to budget. 

Nigel Bloomfield: MBA with an emphasis in finance. Loves spreadsheets, pickleball, and being a dad. You can see more on LinkedIn.

Laura Bloomfield: Homemaker who is amazing at just about everything. (She wouldn’t say that about herself, but I will). Loves teaching, graphic design, and being a mom. She even updates her blog once in a while.