Email Is Back Up!

Our email has been in and out for almost a month now! That’s what happens when I run everything on my own and I often have no idea what I am doing.

Next 4 Years is locked in!

What happened is that I found a great black Friday deal and we were able to lock in that great price for the next 4 years! So I moved our website over to Hostinger. The plan allowed us a lot more room to grow, more visitors, faster speeds, everything we could want.

The downside was that I don’t know back end web development. Specifically, I just learned today how to get our email working. That’s not Hostinger’s fault. They have been really helpful. It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem. It’s me.

Please email again!

If you have sent us an email since Black Friday, please send it again! I never saw it. I have no idea how to see them. I think most bounced back to you saying they were undeliverable.

I am sorry I haven’t responded. I just thought no one was finding our site or asking any questions for a curiously long time!

I hope the holidays treat you well! If you need help in the new year creating a debt payoff plan or getting your budget back on track, we’ve got some ways to help you!

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One response to “Email Is Back Up!”

  1. Amanda Avatar

    I would really love to have it unlocked so that I can customize colors and to be able to update the nerdy facts sheet when I pay more to a debt.

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