Free Excel Budgeting Spreadsheet

Welcome to The Happy Giraffe! We want to help you find happiness in budgeting. (Yes, you!)

Our budgeting method and budgeting spreadsheet are different than anything you have seen before, but they are also easy to use. For more help, explore our site or email us. We want you to be successful in taking control of your money.

Free Excel Budgeting Spreadsheet

Budgeting spreadsheet for the happy giraffe budget

Click here to download The Happy Giraffe Excel Budget Spreadsheet.

You’ll notice that this is different from a typical budgeting spreadsheet because The Happy Giraffe Budget isn’t your typical budget. We have a 3 step guide with video that you can follow in order to see how it works.

Our budget focuses on:
  • Looking forward instead of backwards
  • Simplifying by removing unnecessary categories
  • Making your budget flexible and customized to you
  • Being easy enough so you can live to your budget for years to come
  • Allowing you to spend on what you value most

Learn More

Budgeting book cover from the happy giraffe budget. Teaching how to use the budgeting spreadsheet and how to budget happy.

The Happy Giraffe Budget book is available on Amazon! If you want to get into the details of how our method works and why, our book is available in paperback or kindle formats. It is even free if you have kindle unlimited!