Introducing The Last Excel Budgeting Spreadsheet You’ll Ever Need

Welcome to The Happy Giraffe! We want to help you find happiness in budgeting with our unique and easy-to-use budgeting method and spreadsheet. Our Excel budgeting spreadsheet is available to download for FREE right here and it’s unlike any other budgeting template out there.

Experience the Joy of Using a Budget that Works

We want you to find happiness in budgeting. With our Excel budget planner, you’ll finally have a budget that works for you. You’ll feel empowered as you take control of your money and start achieving your financial goals. You can download our FREE budget spreadsheet template, and start using it right away. Plus, our 3-step guide with short videos will help you understand how our method works and how to use the budget planner effectively.

Our budgeting method and spreadsheet are different than anything you have seen before, but they’re also easy to use. Here’s what our budget focuses on:

  • Looking forward instead of backwards
  • Simplifying by removing unnecessary categories
  • Making your budget flexible and customized to you
  • Being easy enough so you can live to your budget for years to come
  • Allowing you to spend on what you value most

Our budgeting spreadsheet has everything you need to manage your income and expenses, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use. It will help you create a customized budget based on your needs and values. You’ll be able to track your spending and savings easily, and our flexible design allows you to adjust your budget as your life changes.

Take Control of Your Money Today

If you’re ready to take control of your money and start achieving your financial goals, download our FREE Excel budgeting spreadsheet template today. With The Happy Giraffe, budgeting can be easy and even happy.

Testimonials from Happy Users

“Honestly, I was a bit discouraged starting with the spreadsheet. I just didn’t see how it would work, but after reading your book, I see it! I get it! And I’m excited to start our budget! I cannot begin to tell you how empowered I feel about our finances!

I would have never guessed that a book about budgeting would be such a page turner! It is so easy to understand, so well laid out, personal, funny, encouraging! No one has explained money to me like this before! It all resonated with me! I wish I had your book 30 years ago!”

Sue, Canada

“We are doing awesome with this new budget! The first month was just trying to get a feel for how to transition from categorizing and the second month has been for honing in on what is realistic for each week. I have been so impressed by how simple budgeting has become. No more categories or intense tracking!

I love not having to worry about each expenditure that comes up. After only a couple months I am excited about budgeting and how to be in control of my money. This will be my life-long method for budgeting from now on!”

Rene, Florida