Boring Is Better

Imagine you live in Los Angeles and you need to get to Manhattan. You book a flight and show up at the time of departure to realize that you have not booked a traditional flight, but one with a stunt flyer. You spend the next several hours doing twirls and loop-de-loops all the way across the country.  If you’re anything like me, that flight would have been filled with regret, fear, and a whole lot of barf-bags. One could assume that even the strongest adrenaline junkies, who would look forward to a ride with an expert stunt pilot, would prefer the calm, relaxing travel of a traditional 747 for that long of a transfer. Sometimes boring is better, right?

This is how I look at our budget.  You have found us online, which means you have probably seen dozens of other budgeting “gurus” out there in the interwebs, all hyping up their amazing programs, tips and tricks, spreadsheets or printables that promise you amazingly fun and exciting budgets. Or maybe they even promise you the results you want without having to actually budget.  The problem is, like the stunt flyer, they may seem super impressive, they may look really cool and enticing, but the reality is that it won’t be fun forever. Having to enter all that information into your worksheet weekly or monthly, having to create categories upon categories, having to re-inventory your life every four weeks… it doesn’t matter how cute or exciting their system is, NO ONE WANTS TO DO THAT FOREVER! It’s too much, and therefore you give up. You ask to land the plane well before your desired destination.

We don’t want that for you. We want you to reach your destination. We want you to be successful. But the reality is… in order to reach that success, you have to choose boring! Our budget is boring. Because boring is doable. Boring is maintainable. We have been using our system for over 12 years without faulter because its not a thrill ride that eventually needs to end. It is a safe, comfortable ride that brings peace of mind as we are moving through life.

The good thing about our boring budget is that it’s also simple and easy! You don’t have to fill out worksheet after worksheet. You don’t have to even look at your budget once its up and running unless there’s a change to your income or you want to make changes to your expenses (for us, that is about every six months, just to make sure we are still on track). So, don’t worry… we’re not hours of creating spreadsheets kind of boring (we’ve done the hard work for you), we want you to live your life while your boring budget is in the background helping you take control of your finances.

So we challenge you to choose boring.  Because sometimes boring is the best way to get exactly what you want.

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