Getting This Started

This is exciting! We are finally putting this all out there into the world. Bear with us as we are learning how to do everything with websites, social, marketing and so many other things.

This all started because we were failing at budgeting. That is pretty embarrassing because at the time I (Nigel) was working toward a master’s degree in finance. We tried a lot of things and nothing worked well for us. Little by little we found things that did work and eventually it turned into what you can learn about now as The Happy Giraffe Budget.

Laura (my wife) and I are not writers, or marketers, or salespeople. It took us over 6 years to write the book. Putting it all out there along with this website and the idea of training and helping others, is a scary thing to do. I have a full-time job and Laura is a full-time mom. We don’t know how this is all going to work out. What we do know is that a lot of people need help figuring out how to live on a budget, and we have something that can help.

We decided to do this through a nonprofit because it feels wrong to try to make a lot of money off people who are struggling. Our goal is to give back and help others using a talent we have gained through chance, experience, and a lot of failure. A nonprofit fit those goals perfectly.

So we are getting this started! Self publishing our first book on Amazon which has a print and an ebook verison that we wrote, edited, and formatted. Launching a website with very little experience in anything related to website design and management. Starting and running a nonprofit (we have already made it through the hurdles of getting incorporated and being approved as a 501c3 with the IRS).

Contact us! Let us know how we can help you budget better. We are also open to anyone who wants to be involved and help.

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