How We Measure Success

We chose to run this as a nonprofit because making a profit (especially off people who are having a hard time learning how to budget) was not our main motive. We want to help people. We aren’t taking a salary or paying employees who are really just family friends. We aren’t taking business expenses that really just benefit us personally. That wouldn’t fit why we made this organization and wrote the book.

So if making money isn’t our main measure of success, what is? How do we know we are making a difference? I came up with some short term and some long term measurements to help us see how well we are accomplishing our mission – “To help you find happiness in budgeting. (Yes, you!).

Short Term Measurements
Long Term measurements
  1. Number of people using our system for 3 months. It is life changing to start something new. We are very excited for every person who gets started in any way to make budgeting a happier experience. We also know that budgeting is a small act that gives you the biggest benefits over a long time. If you can do it for 3 months, you are well on your way to some amazing changes in your financial life.
  2. Number of people using our system for 1 year. If you make it this far you are unstoppable! This is the kind of lasting change we want to help create.
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