It’s Been 1 Year!

Our first year!

We started this nonprofit a year ago today. It’s been a fun adventure so far and there’s a lot more to come!

Here’s some of the numbers

Our website has had 31,284 views from 23,799 people from all over the world! Here’s just some of the top places:

Our Budgeting spreadsheet has been downloaded by 5,911 people! We are averaging 77 people every day!

The new Debt Payoff spreadsheet has been downloaded by 628 people! We are averaging 11 people every day!

We have had a total of 17,515 file downloads!

We have sold 23 hard copies of our Book on Amazon. 3 kindle versions. And 855 pages have been read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

We have accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok where Shey has been helping us create videos. YouTube alone has had 41 hours of watch time and 3,390 views!

Google ads has been an amazing supporter so far. They have given us the equivalent of $46,500 in free advertising in Google searches. Because of them our website has shown up 281,000 times in different search results. We couldn’t have gotten the word out about our budgeting system without Google’s help.

We just got approved for a $1,300 grant from Meta to offer free budgeting classes. Our goal is to offer a $10 incentive to the first 100 people who complete the class. We’ll let everyone know when we’re ready to start doing the classes live on Zoom. We are very grateful to Meta and the Eagle Mountain Data Center for the grant which will allow us to reach even more people.

We have even had 2 people donate to The Happy Giraffe through Givebutter! We are grateful for people who see the value in budgeting and help us keep moving forward! We don’t get paid for any of this. Everything you donate and the money we get from book sales all goes back into helping people and keeping this all running.

We have also had several wonderful emails and conversations with people who are using our system and have fallen in love with budgeting! (As much as you can with a budget I mean) Getting control of your finances can be such a big deal. It can lift a burden that many people have had for most of their adult life. We are grateful to be part of that journey and love to hear your stories and the successes you have.

Next Year

We’ve got more coming! We’re going to be doing more videos on how to use the spreadsheet and the Goodbudget app. We will start doing live Zoom calls where we teach people about budgeting and how to use The Happy Giraffe system. I’m sure Shey will make me dance in a few more videos.

It has been wonderful to see this grow in our first year and we are hopeful that it will continue in the coming year.

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