Free Debt Payoff Spreadsheet!

Our debt payoff spreadsheet is made for people who need help, but don’t love spreadsheets!  Try it out for free! Keep it for free! We aren’t going to upsell you.

Choose from the snowball method (payoff the lowest balance first) or the avalanche method (payoff the highest interest rate first). 

It’ll show you the steps to take and help you track your progress. (Because life doesn’t always go to plan, and that’s OK!)

All we ask is that you donate to our nonprofit if you like our spreadsheet.

Why We Made This Spreadsheet

Being in debt can feel overwhelming. You are looking for help to know how to take the first step. We’ve been there (and made lots of wrong steps).

Most of the spreadsheets we’ve seen go into WAY too much detail about things regular people don’t care about and don’t need. Ours is as simple as it can get. List your debts. Pick a method. See the steps. Get moving.

Step 1 – Focus on paying off one debt at a time. Make minimum payments on everything else. The spreadsheet will show you how many months that should take.
Step 2 – Move on to the next debt. Put everything you can towards it while making minimum payments on everything else.
Step 3 – Keep repeating this and see things really speed up!

Now that you know how to get started… track your progress in the same spreadsheet. See the results of your efforts in real time! You don’t have to follow the plan. In fact you might even beat the plan!

A Better Budgeting Method Might Help

Having a good budget can help on your journey to payoff debt. But typical budgets can be hard to stick to. Lucky for you, we created a budgeting method that is unlike anything else. It helped us feel financially empowered and in control of our money for the first time in our lives. (It’s also free to use!)

We got rid of all the categories, all of the monthly planning, the planners, and the colored highlighters. Along with that, we also got rid of the shame, the failure, and the frustration. What was left was something…happier!

Look through our site to learn more. It is divided into 3 sections along the top of the page.

  • “Learn” shows you all the ways you can learn about our budgeting method.
  • “Live” shows you the debt payoff spreadsheet (along with quick videos of how to use it). It also has our budgeting spreadsheet (which is also free and really simple to use!)
  • “Give” shows you how to give back and help others. Your donations support everything we do.

Good luck on your financial journey! We’re doing what we can to make it a happier experience.