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What Makes It So Good?

Did we mention it’s free? It shouldn’t cost a lot for you to learn how to budget. We really didn’t like how much other places charge you to learn their systems. You shouldn’t get rich off people who are trying to use their money better! That just seems wrong.

That’s why we organized The Happy Giraffe as a nonprofit. (We are a registered 501(c)(3) in the USA). People who need budgeting help are already in a tough spot. That’s not the time to take advantage of someone and make a profit.

But the book costs money right? OK, we do sell our book on Amazon (It’s free if you have kindle unlimited). It’s $15. We couldn’t make that part free, so it’s as cheap as we could make it. You don’t have to read it to use our system. It does help if you want to understand the WHY behind everything.

We also made the book as interesting and easy to read as possible. The first chapter is a children’s story with pictures and everything

Most budgets SAY they are easy or simple, but they aren’t. We know you probably don’t love spreadsheets and looking at your bank account every day. That’s normal.

No highlighters, no printouts, no calendaring, no planning every month, no receipt storing, no envelope stuffing, no complicated apps, no judging, no guilt.

Track to a SINGLE NUMBER each week. No other categories to worry about. Spend on whatever you want.

Every person who makes money in any way needs to be able to budget. Not everyone is a spreadsheet nerd. Regular people don’t have 30 minutes a day to budget and track everything. You already have a life. Go live it.

Our budget is just there to make sure you don’t spend more than you earn. That’s it. A few minutes a week is all you have, and that’s all we need.

Did you almost have a panic attack just hearing the word “Budget”? We did too. Most budgets focus on restricting and limiting you. Most even have lots of tips and suggestions for how you can “easily” stop spending money on things you enjoy.

Our motto is “Budget Happy”! You should be spending your money on the things that make you happy. (Even if that looks wasteful to someone else). And the process of creating a budget and living on one should be a happier experience as well.

Giraffes are awesome! We based our book and our whole budgeting system on something unique and different. The budgeting world needs a different perspective! (Maybe from an animal that is a little taller than most?)

Did you know a group of giraffes is called a tower?

Baby giraffes can walk within an hour of being born!

Their back legs look shorter than the front legs, but they are actually about the same length!

This system can transform your relationship with money. Money doesn’t control you anymore. You control it.

That feeling of being empowered and in control doesn’t require you to make more money, or get involved in hustle culture, or invest in a certain way. It comes because you tell your money what to do. You are always the one with the power to make change happen. We’ll show you how.

Do you know how many categories an average budget has? Too Many!

We’ll show you how to create one simple number that you will track and care about, your Happy Money. That’s all you have to manage. Life is so much easier when you aren’t trying to manage and juggle so many categories!

You’ve been there, in the middle of the month, and your budget is already gone. That’s not your fault! A month is way too long!

One number, one week at a time. It makes more sense and it works so much better! You’re going to love how much better it feels to budget with The Happy Giraffe!

Kid’s field trip that you hadn’t planned on? Sale on the shoes you’ve been eying? Friends want you to go to a last minute party?

Life is full of the unexpected that you couldn’t have planned for a month in advance. Because we only have one number (Happy Money) and one week to worry about, you can change things up as often as you need to.

Go ahead and spend more on gas this week, or eating out next week. We’ll help you be ready for whatever life throws at you!

Do you like avocado on your toast? Starbucks 5 times a week? Going to concerts? Buying collectible antiques?

Spend your money on whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if it looks wasteful to someone else. They don’t get to decide how you live your life and how you spend your money. Your budget is about YOU. Spend it on whatever makes you happy. We actually encourage it.