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  • Email Is Back Up!

    Email Is Back Up!

    Our email has been in and out for almost a month now! That’s what happens when I run everything on my own and I often have no idea what I am doing. Next 4 Years is locked in! What happened is that I found a great black Friday deal and we were able to lock…

  • Steps To Living The Happy Giraffe Budget

    Steps To Living The Happy Giraffe Budget

    Our budgeting system is very different from anything else out there. So what are the steps to our budgeting process?

  • New Website Design

    New Website Design

    We went through and simplified our website design! It is focused on making it easier for you to get what you need.

  • Updated Debt Payoff Spreadsheet

    Updated Debt Payoff Spreadsheet

    After several days and a lot of work, the debt payoff spreadsheet is finally updated. So far, this tool has been surprisingly popular.

  • The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Budgeting Day

    The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Budgeting Day

    I recently made a financial mistake when looking over our budget. Yes I make mistakes sometimes when budgeting.

  • It’s Been 1 Year!

    It’s Been 1 Year!

    We started this nonprofit a year ago today. It’s been a fun adventure so far and there’s a lot more to come!

  • Updated Budgeting Spreadsheet!

    Updated Budgeting Spreadsheet!

    We have been hard at working making some updates to our budgeting spreadsheet based on your suggestions and feedback!

  • Get Excel For Free

    Get Excel For Free

    The spreadsheets we offer are created in Excel (because that’s the tool I use most).

  • Review of Budgeting Methods

    Review of Budgeting Methods

    There are lots of different budgeting methods. Which one is right for you?

  • Does Money Buy Happiness?

    Does Money Buy Happiness?

    This video says money can buy happiness, but I think it is more complicated than that…