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Right arrow in grey for The Happy Giraffe Budget

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Proceeds stay with the nonprofit! Learn more AND help others!

Thank You For Your Support!

Over 200 people every day download one of our spreadsheets for free! These people are from all around the world. They are finding help through their financial struggles because YOU donated! Thank you!

Many of our donors are individuals who donate whatever they can. You can find a list of them on our GiveButter donation page. 

Grants And Other Supporters

We have also been lucky to have support from some wonderful organizations.

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Approved through CAF America to receive the funding that allows us to offer free budgeting classes! We’re grateful to receive grants for both 2023 and 2024. Special thanks to the Eagle Mountain data center and their local help!

Google Ad Grant

Google Ad Grants

We are able to reach people all around the world due to the $10,000 every month that Google offers us in ad grants. We are so grateful Google helps us find people who need the free help we offer!

Arctic Cares Logo

Arctic Cares

Arctic Cares is the giving arm of the Arctic Circle Restaurant. Their generous donation paid for the audiobook version of our book “The Happy Giraffe Budget.” Now we are able to offer the audiobook for free to all Arctic Circle employees!

Reduce Debt Increase Wealth

This is a podcast where the host often mentions our spreadsheets and encourages people to use them. There’s lots of episodes to listen to!